Privacy Statement

We collect customer data for three specific reasons:

  • When we create a full VAT invoice for a customer.
  • When we book in a machine for a customer.
  • When we create an order for a customer.

The only identifying data that we collect is the customer’s name, address, telephone numbers and email address. In the cases of 1) and 2), we also capture the machine information, such as model number, article numbers, serial numbers, and (where relevant), the corresponding numbers on the machine engine. We may also catalogue this information in the case of a customer order, for the convenience to the customer of future orders. When you supply us with your personal details as outlined in this paragraph, we will always tell you why and how the information will be used.

We are legally required to capture and retain invoice information on behalf of HMRC for seven years from the date of invoice. Typically, this covers 1), 2) and 3), as when repairs are completed, or when orders are completed, an invoice is generated, and a contract is formed between Witney Mowers and the customer. In these situations, “Contract” is our legal basis for processing this data. With regards to machine information, we feel that retaining this information linked to a customer record serves as a “Legitimate Interest” to the customer, as generally the customer does not retain this information as part of their own records, and without the information, further service to the customer becomes difficult at best, and impossible at worst. The machine data is stored indefinitely, unless it infringes on the rights of the data subject (customer) as outlined below, in which case it is deleted.

Firstly, please be assured that we do not share this data externally with any other organisation or individual. The customer has the right to view the data held at any time. They are allowed to correct any incorrect information, and lodge a complaint with us if there is any-thing incorrect or misleading on their account. The customer also has the right to request deletion of their data. We will review the request, and the request will be actioned, unless we are unable to do so for any legal reasons as outlined above.

The customer can lodge a complaint about our data policy, either by speaking to a manager, in person or by phone, or we can be contacted on (please use the subject line W M Privacy Policy).

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